The Other Mrs.

This was another fun one that I’d been eagerly anticipating. You might remember Mary Kubica from The Good Girl, which I absolutely loved. This one was not QUITE as good as that, but still very good and still kept me on the edge of my seat of anticipation. Sadie, her husband Will, and their two sons move from Chicago to rural Maine when Will’s sister commits suicide… leaving behind a big empty house and an angry sixteen year old daughter, Imogen. We know their family life isn’t exactly perfect: Will’s had an affair but swears he’ll change. Meanwhile they are living on a tiny little island where Sadie is a doctor. One day, their across-the-street neighbor Morgan is brutally murdered. No one can explain it and weird things keep happening. Sadie swears she’d never met Morgan, but their neighbors claim to have seen the two women arguing. And so begins a twisty spiral. This has it all: murder, an unreliable protagonist, and lots of twists and turns. I really enjoyed it. AND it’s being developed by Netflix!