The Other Mothers

I had been really looking forward to this one, as I really loved the author’s first book, Greenwich Park. Tash is a journalist, investing a young nanny’s death. The girl died under mysterious circumstances and it just doesn’t feel like it could be accidental. She’s also a new mom, desperate for connection. At her son’s playgroup, she befriends a group of sophisticated mothers. Although she often feels like an outsider (comparing her small basement apartment to their beautiful townhomes; always feeling ratty and underdressed), it feels like she finally has some community: friends she can count on and trust. She is swept up into a world of privilege — coffee dates that turn into brunch, spa days, play dates that involve champagne. But as she dives deeper into her investigation, it starts to feel like these glamorous mothers may not really be her friends. In fact, no one really seems to be who they are! Problems with her husband arise and she questions everything. It is fast paced and thrilling as she rushes to figure out what really happened. I liked this one because it kept my mind working the entire time. Right up until the last few pages, I wasn’t sure of who did what or what was going to happen. It’s twisty and fun, but masterfully done. My only small gripe was that I did not love the ending, otherwise it would have been an A+!