The Other Black Girl

I enjoyed this. I had a few friends read it who did not like it, and I know why: they felt that the beginning parts were really slow, and then the twist was too off the rails. I can see this: I think if I read it not knowing that it got really weird, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. But I had been warned, so I went in more curious than anything. I also think I liked it as much as I did as this audiobook was really well performed with different Black actresses playing the different parts. Similar to The Dutch House, it wasn’t just a reading of the book… it was a performance! Nella is the only Black woman in her office at Wagner Publishing. It isn’t easy. It can be really isolating, the micro-aggressions are abundant and she’s just butted heads with one of their top authors. When Hazel joins the team, Nella is initially elated. But as time passes, she can’t help but feel like Hazel has turned the whole office against her. And then the notes start: “LEAVE WAGNER NOW.” Sinister forces are in play, and Nella has absolutely no idea what’s going on. I enjoyed this – I thought it was smart, socially relevant, and also very fun to read. Order on or Amazon.