The Night She Disappeared

When it comes to thrillers, Lisa Jewell is such a treasure. Her books are always dark and twisty, I rarely guess the twists.. she is just the greatest! My TBR pile is huge but I’ve been thinking of reading her back catalogue. This one starts out where a young couple (new parents, Lula and Zach) goes missing after a night out that ended at her friend’s beautiful country estate known as Dark Place. The young woman’s mother is determined to figure out what happened to them but hits dead end after dead end. Even Zach’s mother is convinced that the two had just run off to escape their responsibilities. A year later, a young writer moves into a cottage at the edge of the woods. One day she stumbles upon a mysterious note that says “DIG HERE.” Is this a clue to what happened? What is buried? This is a total page turner, I absolutely loved it and thought it was (as always, with Jewell’s books!) completely unputdownable. The sort of book that keeps you up at night reading… or thinking about the plot.

Author: Lisa Jewell