The Next Mrs. Parrish

This was so satisfying! I absolutely loved The Last Mrs. Parrish when it came out several years ago and was thrilled to have a follow up. It has all our old favorites (shitty Jackson, conniving Amber, lovely Daphne)… plus a new character, someone from Amber’s past. Daphne has left her life in Connecticut and moved to California with her daughters. Jackson is serving out his tax evasion sentence. And Amber? Amber is still Amber, backstabbing and doing everything she can to get what she feels she deserves. When Daphne’s oldest daughter leaves her school field trip to try and see her father, Daphne is convinced to spend the summer in Connecticut and let her daughters have a (very supervised) relationship with their father. Jackson, fresh out of prison on good behavior, seems to have changed. But has he really? Meanwhile, Amber is up to her usual scheming and a new character emerges… hell bent on getting revenge on something that happened in Amber’s past. Similar to the first book, it’s very soapy. So much happens! It goes so off the rails! But I absolutely LOVED it and think you will to. Read the first book if you haven’t already! Even if it’s been a few years you will pick up where you left off.