The Mothers

This had been sitting on my shelf since summer. I lovedĀ The Vanishing Half so much so I ordered this one immediately after but for whatever reason, took my time actually picking it up. (I think my mom had said that she didn’t like this one, I feel like that’s what happened!). Anyway, this book is beautifully written and I’ll read anything Brit Bennett writes but I was kinda bored by this one – I just didn’t really care about the subject matter. It’s set in a modern day Black community in San Diego and is about a group of three teenagers: Nadia Turner who has just lost her mother, the pastor’s son Luke, and Nadia’s very religious best friend, Aubrey. Nadia and Luke, both going through a rebellious period, spend a summer fooling around and she gets pregnant. They decide to have an abortion, but do not tell anyone: not Nadia’s father, her best friend, anyone. The book is really about the aftermath of the coverup as they grow into adults. There is a love triangle, heartbreak and betrayal… it’s well written but for whatever reason I just didn’t really like it!