The Main Character

After this author’s last book (The Chateau!), I had been eagerly anticipating the release of this one. Excellent news: 1) It does not disappoint. 2) It’s transportive in the same way that The Sicilian Inheritance was. Like a vacation in book form. This one is also set in Italy, but aboard the Orient Express. Ginevra Ex is a best-selling author, with unconventional methods. Her recipe is to hire real people and conduct extensive interviews, taking a deep dive into their life. From there, she fictionalizes them into characters for her best-selling thrillers. Ginevra’s latest main character is Rory… and as an extremely extravagant bonus, she sends Rory on a luxury train trip along the Italian coast (aboard the Orient Express). But what Rory initially believes to be a luxurious solo trip is thwarted when she discovers her brother, best friend, and ex-fiancĂ© are also on the trip. As they travel the Italian coast, secrets and lies unravel and Rory begins to think that Ginevra has masterminded a twisty trip for Rory and her friends. The book opens with a dead body, so we can only assume the trip culminates like one of Ginevra’s books: with murder. I really loved this one, I could not put it down!