The Maidens

I was really excited to read this book as I loved The Silent Patient (also by this author). It did not disappoint. Mariana Andros is a therapist living in  London. When a friend of her beloved niece Zoe is murdered at Cambridge University, she rushes to her niece’s rescue. She becomes convinced that Edward Fosca (beloved, charming professor of Greek tragedy) is the one who did it. The only problem is, no one believes her: Fosca is much adored by both the staff and students of the university; especially within a group of his favorite, most talented female students: The Maidens. And why would he kill his own students? When another body turns up, Mariana knows he is guilty and will do everything it takes to prove it to the world. But will she be too late? This one kept me on my toes. Everyone was guilty. But I didn’t guess the ending. I loved that, and also loved all of the references to Greek mythology. I read it on the airplane home from LA and couldn’t put it down. Order on or Amazon.