The Mystery Guest

Molly the maid is back! If you loved The Maid as much as I did, you are in for such a treat. I’d definitely recommend reading The Maid first, though you don’t have to. These books are not really thrillers, more of a cozy mystery. I love them, I really hope that the author continues the series. Molly is our unlikely heroine: a maid at a five star hotel who has a few social issues but a keen eye for detail that helps her to solve mysteries. I love her as a character! It’s been a few years since the last one, but when a high profile author shows up at the hotel and turns up dead, Molly is in hot water again. We go back and forth between present day and Molly’s childhood (learning about a connection between Molly and the dead author). As Molly fights to solve the case (alongside her old foe, Detective Stark), everyone is in question. Was it Molly’s workplace nemesis (Cheryl, the lazy maid) or her new protegee (maid in training) Lily? Was it Serena Sharpe, the author’s secretary? Who killed J.D. Grimthorpe… and why? I absolutely loved this, even more than the first book!