The Love of My Life

I netted out medium on this, only because I somehow (I have no idea) guessed the twist/plot pretty early in. When that happens, it kind of sucks because the book feels tedious. But if that hadn’t happened, I think I would enjoy it more. Emma and her husband are happily married with their young daughter Ruby. Leo is an obituary writer, and Emma is a famed marine biologist. When Emma falls ill with a rare type of cancer, Leo copes in the only way he knows how: researching and writing about her life. But as he does this, he discovers a web of lies. Is she the woman he married? Has she been unfaithful? Does the Emma he loves so much even really exist? A fast paced journey ensues as Leo tries to uncover the truth and Emma tries to prove to him that she still is very much the woman he fell in love with.

Author: Rosie Walsh