The Lost Apothecary

I had been thinking how much I wanted to read more historical fiction (I barely read any historical fiction in 2020 and it’s actually a genre I really enjoy), and this one was sent to me. I was immediately intrigued: a hidden eighteenth century apothecary helping women to kill abusive or predatory partners with poisons. The idea of this secret network of women felt like a fun take on feminism, and a mystery I’d absolutely want to read. I will tell you that Becca DNF’d it, and I almost did until I got to about a hundred pages. It was just a slow start. But once I got into it, I really enjoyed it. It alternates storylines between 1791 – Nella the apothecary and her young friend Eliza; and modern day, with Caroline visiting London to take a break from her husband after learning he’s had an affair and feeling discontent about her life. It starts slow, but definitely gets better – I’m glad I kept reading! There’s also a few fun twists at the end. Order it on Bookshop or Amazon.