The Lifestyle

The premise of this one intrigued me: three married couples in New York decide to take up swinging. Georgina’s husband has cheated on her and she becomes convinced that swinging will help them save their marriage. She convinces her two best friends (who she’s convinced need to be together) to join her. When she runs into an old flame at one of the parties, all bets are off. Friends. I really didn’t like this book. I’m not being a prude here (the swinging / sex party parts were interesting – probably the most interesting part of the book), and it had its heartwarming moments, but I didn’t relate to any of the characters and I especially could not stand Georgina. I found her to be hypocritical and uptight and just a mess. And that came out as part of the plot but I just… didn’t enjoy the book. Also, the ending. Without giving spoilers away… two characters that end up together… it made absolutely zero sense whatsoever. You can skip this one. Again, parts were enjoyable and interesting but mostly it just annoyed me and made me mad.

Author: Taylor Hahn