The Lies that Bind

Emily Giffin is one of my most favorite authors so I was really, really excited to get my hands on an advanced copy! This one is set right around September 11th and takes place in New York and while 9/11 and COVID-19 are obviously such different things, it felt oddly reassuring to read something set in New York during a crisis. Cecily Gardner is a tabloid writer and has just broken up with her long term boyfriend who would not commit. She’s out at a bar in the East Village, about to drunk dial him, when she hears a voice say “don’t do it!” And that’s when she meets Grant Smith. The two end up falling head over heels in love but then on September 11th, things come crashing down and Grant goes missing. As Cecily searches for him, she realizes she isn’t the only one looking for him. Turns out Grant had some massive secrets. I won’t say any more but I LOVED this one so much!!!! Emily Giffin is what the world needs right now I just love her books so much.

Author: Emily Giffin