The Last TIme I Lied

This is one of the best thrillers I’ve read in ages. I’ve been doing this thing where I usually end up guessing the twist (this starts to happen when you’ve read so many of these sort of books) and this one totally threw me! I really loved it. Emma Davis is an artist living in New York City. Years ago, she attended summer camp in Lake Placid and her 3 bunkmates all disappeared – no one ever found them or figured out what happened to them. When she is invited back (this time, to teach art), she sees it as an opportunity to get some closure (and poke around to figure out exactly what happened to her old friends). She heads up there and things slowly unravel. She becomes the token unreliable protagonist, she thinks she’s being watched, and she starts to discover secret after secret. This one had me terrified at times, and had two big twists. I loved it.