The Last Thing He Told Me

This book was such a fun little mystery! And frankly… it helped me to get out of my recent reading rut: I read it in a 24 hour period. It is a thriller but not a murdery one… it’s more of a suspenseful mystery? Hannah Hall is a late thirty-something, married to who she thinks is her dream man, raising his daughter in beautiful Sausalito. But one day, everything changes. He disappears, leaving behind only a note that says “protect her.” At the same time, his company goes under fire for fraud. AsĀ  the FBI and a US marshal both descend upon their home with questions, Hannah becomes determined to figure out what has happened to Owen. Where did he go? Is he the man she thought he was? What really happened? She enlists a reluctant partner in crime: her stepdaughter Bailey (who basically despises her). What follows is a fast-paced series of events as they find themselves in Texas, searching for the truth. This is fun and twisty and I could not put it down. AND, it’s going to be our May Bad on Paper book club pick! Order it on Amazon or

Author: Laura Dave