The Last Housewife

Last month, I read Ashley Winstead’s other book – In My Dreams I Hold a Knife. I really enjoyed it, and so when her publicist offered to send me a copy of her newest, I jumped at the chance. This book has so many content warnings, but primarily around domestic and sexual abuse. I typically don’t like books like this (I just think back to that one Colleen Hoover book) but there was a mystery and a dark, mysterious cult and I love a good cult mystery/unraveling. Shay is 30 years old and has just found out that her best friend from college (who she’d lost touch with but loved dearly) has been murdered. She picks up everything and heads up to Hudson, NY to figure out what happened (with the help of her other friend Jamie, who is now rather conveniently, a true crime podcast host). In the process of figuring out what happened to Laurel, Shay is forced to confront her troubling past. In the process, she discovers (and becomes determined to dismantle) a powerful cult. It was one of those dark, upsetting books that is hard to read  (it’s really upsetting at times) but I couldn’t stop going. Order on or Amazon.

Author: Ashley Winstead