The Last Flight

TW: domestic abuse. This is the first thriller I’ve given an A+ to since maybe Verity? It is SO good. Like, read in 12 hours good. I started it after work, read it all night until 2am, then got up early to finish it. That good. The book surrounds two women, both looking to escape very different (but equally dark) circumstances. When they meet in an airport bar, they hatch a plot to swap plane tickets and take each others flights: Claire going to Oakland and Eva going to Puerto Rico. But when the plane to Puerto Rico crashes, all bets are off and Claire must take Eva’s identity in California (and deal with the secrets she’s left behind). This has it all: a disappearance, an abusive husband, money + power, drug deals… I could go on. I loved it so much and was on the edge of my seat the whole time reading it.. I can’t recommend it enough!