The It Girl

First of all, I really love Ruth Ware. Any time she has a new one out, it gets a pre-order from me. I ordered this without knowing anything about it and when I started reading, I was initially a little bummed out as it felt similar to so many books I’ve read recently. There is an In My Dreams I Hold a Knife trope going around right now where a girl is murdered in college and then years later her friends solve the case (and usually, the killer is one of the friends). This follows that sort of trope but I really loved the ending – it really got me! As a serial thriller reader, I often find myself guessing the ending so I appreciated that. April Clarke-Clivedon was the It Girl at Oxford. Vivacious, smart, beautiful, clever, and a bit of a prankster… she dazzles everyone in her orbit. Hannah Jones is her roommate and the two quickly become inseparable, developing a tightly knit group of friends. But by the end of the year, April is dead. Flash forward ten years later and Hannah is now married to Will (April’s old boyfriend). The man (John Neville) who had been convicted of killing April (a creepy but potentially innocent porter at Oxford) has died in prison. Hannah feels she can finally put the past behind her.. but her world is rocked when a journalist presents evidence to her that Neville might have been innocent and they could have put the wrong person in jail. Hannah becomes obsessed with figuring out what happened ten years ago; unraveling a web of lies, secrets, and discovering she may not have known her friends that well at all.

Author: Ruth Ware