The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

This came highly recommended by so many of you (especially after readingĀ The Midnight Library) and wow, I see why… it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while. So creative and such an interesting premise. It’s been on nearly every “best of” books list, too. I will tell you that it is long (444 pages), and I struggled with the writing at times, but it feels a bit like a fairy tale for grownups in the best possible way. Spanning over 300 years, it is the story of Adeline LaRue. 23 and about to be married off to a man she does not love, she makes a deal with the devil… not knowing what she is doing. In exchange, she’s free – and will live forever. But no one will ever remember her. And so she spends three hundred years being very alone. Can’t get a job, form relationships or ever marry, can’t even rent an apartment. But with that freedom, her life becomes such an amazing adventure, spanning centuries and continents! It was getting pretty sad (and lonely) until one day Addie is in a bookstore and plot twist: a young man remembers her. I won’t say anymore but it’s a wonderful story and I loved the ending so much – it made me cry! Order on or Amazon!