The Intern

I loved this book but want to warn you first, I didn’t think the writing was very good. But: the plot more than made up for the writing. Also: I love a legal thriller and I loved that it was set in Boston. Madison Rivera is an ambitious Harvard law student. When she manages to land a prestigious internship with Judge Kathryn Conroy, she is overjoyed. Conroy is everything she aspires to be. The only problem is that Madison has a secret that could destroy her career. Her younger brother Danny has been arrested and Conroy is the judge on her case. And in a moment of nervousness, Madison lied and said she was an only child during the interview. When Danny goes missing (after accusing the judge of corruption), Madison searches for answers. She and the judge become close, developing a special bond. But what is really happening here? Is the judge really crooked? Why is a strange man always lingering outside of her townhouse? Neither woman trusts the other and a cat-mouse hunt ensues. This book is a wild ride. The plot is creative and different from other thrillers I’ve read, with a satisfying ending. I would definitely recommend it (and I loved it!), just be warned that the writing isn’t very good which makes it hard to read at times.

Author: Michele Campbell