The Hunting Wives

I read this in a day while on vacation with my family. I’m not entirely sure where I net out on it. There’s a lot to unpack. This is about a group of housewives in Texas who are (in some cases) bored in their marriages. They get together on Friday to drink and skeet shoot, drink, and hunt. Our narrator Sophie has recently moved there. Struggling with a bit of boredom after ditching her glamorous job as a magazine editor, she starts a gardening blog and yearns for female camaraderie. She quickly becomes obsessed with Margot – a beautiful, mysterious, (and very wealthy) brunette. There’s a lot to unpack. First of all, (and I like to drink so this should tell you something) there is SO much drinking. I felt a little hungover at times while I read it. These women in their late thirties constantly swigging bourbon and taking tequila shots. I swear I’m not a prude but MAN. Also: the levels of infidelity made me super uncomfortable at times. There’s an Idea of You-esque plotline but more sordid – I won’t say anymore. My last complaint: the first sixty percent of the book was like watching a really bad trainwreck about to happen. You want to shake the main character and I felt so frustrated by her actions. But, there are good points too. The plot kept me guessing. There were some good steamy parts. And the ending was really good. A great twist that I didn’t see coming. I would say that if you like murdery stuff and you want a fun beach read that you’ll breeze through in a day or two, pick this up. Order on or Amazon.