The Housemaid

This was a fun, mindless vacation read. I do fear that I’ve read so many books similar to it that I kind of just know what is going to happen. A lot of these domestic thrillers are pretty predictable by now, and I tend to guess the twists. But still, I enjoy them… guessing has become a part of the fun! Millie is a down on her luck 27 year old… fresh out of prison (she was imprisoned at age 17 and spent 10 years locked up). We don’t know what she did but she’s been fired from her last job and is currently living in Long Island. When she is offered a live in maid position for a wealthy Long Island family, she feels like the luckiest woman alive. Even if it means living upstairs in a tiny room where the door only locks from the outside. Even if her boss Nina berates her and displays psychotic tendencies. She will do anything to keep this job. Meanwhile, Nina’s handsome kind and husband Andrew seems to grow more and more despondent while Nina behaves badly. And slowly, Millie wonders if she could take Nina’s place. I read this on a girls’ trip and found myself attached to it. It’s predictable and not the best written, but it is fun.

Author: Freida McFadden