The Honey Don’t List

I absolutely adored this book. It was so cute and definitely one of my fav Christina Lauren books to date! Everything those two write is great, but this one was extra charming. So… imagine that Chip and Joanna Gaines actually really hate each other (despite having built a successful business on the foundation of supposedly being madly in love and a mutual love of design. Okay, now imagine what it likes being the personal assistant to each of these characters. Melissa + Rusty Tripp are remodeling + design gurus who have been married for over twenty years but secretly despise each other. And lucky James + Carey are their respective assistants. NOT an easy job and the four of them all have to go on tour. Both James + Carey need the job for reasons I won’t share, but both are very disillusioned (and also secretly quite attracted to each other). So you have the recipe for the cutest romance to arise while on tour… but I won’t tell you about that! I absolutely loved this one, it’s such a fun read!

Author: Christina Lauren