The Heir Affair

If you read and loved The Royal We as much as I did, The Heir Affair is going to be such a treat for you! Honestly, reading this book felt like I was being reunited with my long lost pals Bex, Nick, and Freddie. After a scandal turned their would be fairy-tale wedding into an absolute nightmare, Bex and Nick have fled the palace for a tiny town in Scotland where they’re working in a bookstore. But when the queen has a health scare, they find themselves having to return. Back at home, Freddie is furious with them and we aren’t sure the guys can ever recover… the media and their former (traitor) friend Clive is having a field day (especially with digs at Bex), and the whole family is having a hard time forgiving them for leaving. It starts out a little bit slow, but as Becca said to me, I’d read about these characters doing anything so I truly didn’t mind – it was just so nice to have them back in my life! It’s really in the last third of the book that things pick up and there is a new juicy scandal, baby fever, a romance for Freddie and much more… but I don’t want to ruin it for you! This was a very fun read (no surprises there), and despite being 460 pages long I read it in a single weekend! Highly recommend.