The Girl in the Mirror

I wound up only being medium on this one but I loved the angle of the story/plot so still really enjoyed this? The plot reminded me a tiny bit of Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar – an old CW show from years ago… I love a thriller about twins! Sisters Summer and Iris are mirror twins: both beautiful and smart, but still so different. Life seemingly comes so easily for Summer: she has the perfect life. A beautiful home, a handsome and loving husband… she’s always happy and content with whatever life throws her way. Meanwhile, Iris is more complicated and cynical. Happiness doesn’t come as easy for her, and even though they look exactly alike, she’ll always see Summer as the more beautiful twin. When the sisters sail Summer’s yacht from Phuket to the Seychelles, an accident happens and Iris suddenly finds herself all alone in the middle of the ocean. She’s tempted: could she take over Summer’s life? Pretend to be her sister and step into an easy, worry-free life? Meanwhile there is another plot line: the girls’ father has left his hundred million dollar fortune to just one of his seven children… the first to produce an heir. This is a fun, fast read. I loved the plot but parts fell flat for me (I can’t quite articulate what?). Even though I’m only giving it a B I would still absolutely recommend reading it! Order on or Amazon.