The Five-Star Weekend

There is something so wonderful about Elin Hilderbrand’s books. I started this while my cat was sick (I had a four hour wait at the vet and this was the perfect companion). Her books go beyond just being beach reads. They’re extremely well written, with relatable characters (this one in particular, I feel like we all know someone similar to each woman), and wonderfully researched. And always, a satisfying ending. You just know everyone is going to be okay (even when there’s quite a bit of drama!). Newly widowed Hollis is a food blogger, with a beautiful home on Nantucket. As she grieves the loss of her husband, she reads about something called “The Five-Star Weekend,” where you invite the best friends from each stage of life. And so she invites her high school best friend (Tatum, a Nantucket local), her college best friend (Dru-Ann, a freshly cancelled sports agent/TV host), Brooke (a fellow mom from Wellesley), and Gigi (a bit of a wild card; one of her blog’s most engaged readers who she’s developed a bond with. The weekend is packed with food, friend time, and bonding. But Gigi is holding secrets; Dru-Ann and Tatum have a long-standing feud; and Hollis’s daughter (who she hired to film the weekend) is barely speaking to her. I feel like as I explain it, it doesn’t sound as interesting as it is, but the way Hilderbrand writes and how she developed these characters made it a special book. I really loved this; it’s one of my favorite books of hers.

Author: Elin Hilderbrand