The Comeback

Oh I loved this book. There’s so much to talk about with this one. (TW: Sexual Abuse – it’s not graphic but wanted to share) Becca and I were in a reading “war,” over what our August book club pick would be and this was her pick and did not disappoint. A young actress (Grace, great name) disappears from Hollywood mysteriously, at the height of her career (the night of the Golden Globes). When the book opens, we aren’t sure what’s happened to her or why she’s decided to leave behind what by appearances seems like the absolute dream. As the book alternates between modern day (living at home with her parents in Anaheim and eventually returning to LA) and the past, we learn the abuse and trauma she suffered at the hands of her famous director boss Able Yorke. We slowly learn what he did to her and how he managed to manipulate her for eight years, and how she moves on. While Grace is not always likable (you see a lot of how what she endured impacts her relationship with her family, friends, and husband), you also understand why she did the things she did and you root for her, wanting her to thrive. I tore through this one and loved the mix of a thrilling page turner with the importance of the #MeToo movement and standing up for what is right. Similar to¬†The Boys Club (another fav from the month), it weaves heavy issues into something unputdownable.