The Club

Oh wow, this one is a wild ride!!!! Ellery Lloyd is a pseudonym for a married couple that writes together and I believe that this is their second book together (I enjoyed People Like Herit was probably the most realistic/dimensional take on an influencer as the main character that I’ve read so far). This took me a little while to get into but then it got crazy. Imagine that Soho House is a hundred times more elite and pretty much only accepted A list celebrities. Now imagine that they’ve just bought an island for their next house. Think of a community of luxe-rustic cabins and restaurants, just off the coast of England. NOW, imagine that the founder (Ned Groom) is doing some crazy shady shit behind the scenes in an effort to finance the whole operation. It is told from the perspective of Ned’s most innermost circle and his younger brother Adam… all hiding secrets of their own and it’s a slow burn… working its way from getting things ready for the guests to arrive to full blown chaos as the body count piles up. This is very murdery, very twisty, and a super fun read. I will say that I am kind of surprised that Reese chose it for her book club. It is a fun read but starts slow and goes so far off the rails. It doesn’t feel like a “Reese book” to me! Order on or Amazon.

Author: Ellery Lloyd