The Christmas Orphan’s Club

Nepotism aside, this book is WONDERFUL. Truly, such a treat to read. It is what I would call a friendmance, which we need more of. Really, a love story about a group of friends living in New York. Four friends (Hannah, Finn, Priya, and Theo) have spent Christmas together every year for years and now. They are each other’s chosen family but now it seems like everything is changing. We see them now and then over the years: I love that the book is set on multiple timelines, alternating between present day and Christmases past. We learn that the tradition started back in college when Hannah and Finn both had nowhere to go. Hannah’s parents had died and Finn’s disowned him when he came out of the closet. As Hannah and Finn graduate and move to New York, they add Theo and Priya to the group. But then — Finn announces that he’s moving to LA. So it may be their last. Hannah feels like she’s losing this family she’s built for herself. Meanwhile, her boyfriend has a hard time understanding this notion of family, and is pushing her toward settling down. Are the four friends growing up or growing apart? I loved this book so much. It feels like a warm hug. The characters are so real and vulnerable; they are people we all know and love. Having left New York I also loved all of the New York nostalgia and seeing so many of my favorite places included. I could not put it down and am so proud of my friend for writing such a fantastic debut novel!

Author: Becca Freeman