The Chateau

Thriller people, this one is an absolute must-read! It has everything. Girlfriend drama, lying, cheating, deciept, a glamorous and wealthy grandmother, murder… all set in a beautiful chateau in the south of France. It’s a masterpiece. The first A+ thriller I’ve read in a bit, it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time (I read this embarrassingly fast, in under 24 hours, as I needed to know what happened). It’s the kind of book that makes you shirk work because all you want to do is read. When Darcy and her three friends receive an elegant invitation to spend the weekend at Darcy’s grandmother (Séraphine Demargelasse)’s elegant chateau in Provence, the women (all now in their early forties) head to France. Twenty years earlier, the four of them had studied abroad in Avignon, visiting Séraphine on the weekends. They have stayed close over the years but drifted at times, as can happen over the years. The older woman stresses that she has something critically important to tell them. She also wants to discuss her Will with Darcy. But before she can do any of that, she is brutally murdered in the middle of the night. Darcy and the other women are devastated. Meanwhile, a sinister instagram account pops up, threatening to expose the four friends’ intimate secrets. It’s one of those terrifying (at times) whodunnits… all of the women, living under the same roof, starting to suspect each other. Secrets and lies come out, making Darcy and her friends question everything. I found this book completely unputdownable and loved it so much. My mom loved it too!

Author: Jaclyn Goldis