The Boys Club

Oh how I LOVED this book! I read it in just a couple days; despite being a thicker book, I could not put it down!!!! (TW: Attempted rape + some violence.) This is the story of a first year law associate (Alex) who moves to New York, fresh out of Harvard, to work in Biglaw. It’s (true to the name of the book), a Boys Club. As she strives to make her way in the hyper competitive environment working in mergers and acquisitions, she finds herself changing. Drifting from her long-time boyfriend, getting competitive with the women she works with, developing a crush on the handsome partner at the law firm, letting down her family. I have likened it to Devil Wears Prada (toxic, stressful work environment) meets Suits (an old favorite show of mine with good looking lawyers and lots of drama), Tell Me Lies (toxic relationship, coming of age story as our loveable but human protagonist makes some terrible romantic decisions). I could not put this book down. I loved it so much. It’s such a New York book (and made me mourn the days of fancy restaurants and big nights out), and it’s very fun to read while also touching on the really important stuff like sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and sexism. It was one of those books where once I got invested (early on), I literally could not stop reading. I can’t recommend it enough! I also think it is so interesting that the author still works in law but writes under a pseudonym.