The Boyfriend Project

Okay so I really struggled with this book at first. It has a slow start, I wasn’t interested in the main character’s job (and the company name, Trendsetters, irked me). Also the Book of the Month description wasn’t very accurate. It described 3 women being cheated on and making friends and while I guess that technically happened (but not really, none of the women had even slept with the guy – yes I know, I’m weirdly hung up on this detail!!!) So I nearly DNF’d it but am so glad I didn’t. Because once I got through the first 130 pages (yes it took a while) I became downright obsessed with the main character, Samiah. She’s incredibly strong and hard working and just.. someone I aspire to be more like? The character development for her was GOOD – I want to be friends with her and would read a whole series of books about her. The chemistry between her and Daniel (who is secretly a spy and there’s this whole money laundering sidebar!) is fantastic as are the relationship with the girls. I guess I just wish it started a little faster and that I hadn’t been set up for a book about 3 scorned women that had been cheated on because that’s not really what the book is about. Instead, it’s a steamy office romance with a side of female friendship and crime. I enjoyed it a lot but am only going to give it a B+ as it took so long to get good.