The Age of Magical Overthinking

Similar to Cultish, this book tackles irrational thinking . It is the perfect mix of cultural criticism and personal stories. I loved the combination of Montell’s stories (and vulnerability!) with her narrating the audiobook. She is clearly extremely smart (and super clever and funny) but her willingness to share her own experiences with irrational thinking really gives the book something special. It makes it feel relatable and entertaining vs. purely academic, if that makes sense. There are a lot of tangents, at times it is hard to even say what this book is about as she talks about everything from aliens to the apocalypse to believing you can cure cancer with positive vibes. The common thread is that in this age where we have so much access, where there is so much information… our brains are overloaded! Irrational thinking is how our brain copes, how we make sense out of the senseless. The book is deeply funny, extremely smart, and explores academic theories and research in a way that is really accessible to average people (me!). This is an enjoyable (fast!) read and one that I took a lot away from. It will absolutely make you think differently! I will read anything Montell writes; I love her work. I did not like this as much as I liked Cultish (but Cultish was a love-love-obsessed sort of book) but I still really liked it a LOT. A must, especially on audio!