Tell Me Everything

Holy moly – this is one of those books that just haunts you after you finish reading it!!! Malin is a college student, with a dark past and a family secret. She attends Hawthorne College up in Maine. Hawthorne is a small, exclusive liberal arts school, where she’s worked hard to build a group of close friends and pushes herself to excel in academia. There’s her best friend: beautiful Ruby who is also the star soccer player, dramatic Gemma (a theatre major, naturally), rich and handsome John, his cousin Max, and Khaled – a prince, naturally. They become the closest of friends but they’re each hiding secrets… Malin probably most of all, working hard to conceal who she really is and her tragic family history. The book opens on senior day, the day before a murder. You know there’s a murder but you don’t know who dies. Throughout, it flashes back to Malin’s childhood in Texas and her freshman year. There’s a small twist, there’s the mystery of who gets murdered.. it’s a good one.