This book was just… completely lovely! I am a huge fan of Stanley Tucci (and could listen to him read the dictionary to be honest) but loved getting to know him and his story better. I had no idea of his previous marriage (and losing his wife to cancer) or his own personal journey with cancer. And you know I love a foodie memoir. The way he talks about food will make you hungry (and it will make you want to travel), and I (somewhat randomly), I really enjoyed learning about the food he ate on set and when he traveled for work. I also loved all his stories about his friends (you know, Meryl… Ryan and Blake). No gossip but fun stories, and you will feel like he is your old pal by the end of the book. I will say that my only complaint is that if you do listen to this book, which I would recommend, you are going to want to buy a hard copy as well just for the recipes. So many recipes – it’s part memoir, part cookbook! Order on Bookshop.org or Amazon!

Author: Stanley Tucci