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Admittedly, I read this over the summer but I saved my review for this month as it comes out June 5th! There are so many books about influencers (mostly fiction) but this one is unique as the author is a journalist and really took the time to sink her teeth in and spend quite a bit of time following (visiting, interviewing) the three influencers that are profiled within the book. I loved that she asked the tough questions but led from a place of curiosity vs. snarkiness and criticism. The book is juicy and intimate, but also funny and vulnerable: profiling three major influencers: Caitlin Covington (@cmcoving) of Southern Curls & Pearls, Mirna Valerio, and Shannon Bird. McNeal spent THREE years with each of these women so you get true coverage of what these women’s lives are like (and how they have built their respective empires). I personally found the Mormon mommy bloggers parts the most interesting (probably because those women’s lives are so different from my own) and it made me see Shannon Bird in a totally different light. I loved this book and think you will really enjoy it too!

Author: Stephanie McNeal