Such a Bad Influence

This is probably the best (fictitious) book about influencers I’ve read thus far. Evelyn Davis (@evelyn) is a mega influencer at just 18 years old. The daughter of influencer Erin Davis… she’s been in the spotlight her whole life, ever since going viral with her father at the tender age of 5. But when she disappears one day, all bets are off as to what happened. Everyone is a suspect. The story is told primarily from the perspective of Evie’s older sister Hazel. Hazel never wanted the spotlight and preferred a mostly offline life. She’s broke, stalled in her career, and absolutely hates where she lives. (Still, it would be better – anything would be better – than moving home to their mother’s house). Extremely protective of her sister, Hazel is skeptical as everyone seemingly wants a piece of Evie – her fans, her Youtube sensation boyfriend, the brands… but mostly, their ambitious and opportunistic mother. Evie can never be herself and just relax. When Evie disappears, Hazel’s worst fears are brought to light. Theories about Evie’s disappearance take over the internet. We’re taken into Reddit threads (which Olivia managed to capture so perfectly), podcast episodes, videos from her boyfriend, etc. But what really happened to Evie? As Hazel races to figure out what happened, she finds herself questioning if she really does know Evie best. I tore through this in a couple sittings. It is candy. A twisty thriller about the influencer space (and really accurately captured, thanks to Olivia’s influencer background). I loved it!