State of Terror

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a political thriller co-written by Hillary Clinton, but my net takeaway/one sentence opinion is that this is such a FUN BOOK. It is a fast read, too. It’s a big fat book (around 500 pages) and I have been in a more stressful state of mind where I am wanting lighter reads, so I put off reading it because for whatever reason I assumed it would be a more “serious” read. It’s not. If you loved Scandal or 24, you will love this! It’s a new political administration after a very tumultuous time (seems familiar) and Ellen Adams has just been sworn in as Secretary of State. It’s interesting though, as her and the president do not get along. They’re sworn political enemies, actually. Shortly into the new presidency, things go belly up with a series of terrorist attacks taking place across Europe. Now, it’s up to Ellen to figure out what happens. A cat and mouse hunt occurs as she flies all over the world trying to catch who did this. But as with so many things, the problem is even bigger than she could have imagined. I loved this. I thought it was fun and smart and read it in one day (I was sick that day so I had a lot of free time). I also loved the Trump-esque character, he was fun. I highly recommend this book! Order on or Amazon.