There is a part of me that doesn’t even want to publish a review of this because it is so polarizing and frankly– though I was curious to read the book, I don’t care enough about any of the royals to get into a heated debate about Harry, Meghan, the monarchy, etc! That being said, I mostly enjoyed this. I say mostly as all the war stuff was a little dry/long for my taste, I found myself listening to it with the speed turned up. I have never been a big follower of the royal family (I did not get up early to watch either royal wedding and I knew little about Princess Diana’s death). Still, I was curious. I think we have to remember that this is Harry’s story. It’s not meant to be an unbiased recounting of what happened, it’s his story. The one thing that icked me out a bit was that he was telling his family members’ stories–without them really being able to refute it or share their own stories. Still, overall I enjoyed getting to know Harry a little better, hear about his childhood and growing up as a royal etc. I definitely recommend listening to this one.

Author: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex