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I have to be honest, I hated this book for a lot of the time I read it. I just wanted to know what happened, so I kept going. Don’t be like me. I should have DNF’d but curiosity killed the cat. I’d had high expectations for this for some reason, thinking it would be the perfect summer read. It wasn’t. I haven’t actively disliked a book so much since Fleishman is in Trouble? Also please know: there are huge triggers for eating disorders and body image stuff, so just be forewarned if these things trigger you and you still somehow want to read this after reading my review. The book opens in a honeymoon suite in Watch Hill (one of the most desirable wedding venues in Rhode Island). The (deeply unlikeable) bride Callie Holt is laying in a bathtub, eating pizza, sauce all over her dress. Her groom is passed out and she knows their marriage is over. She decides to shift through her phone to pinpoint where things went so wrong. The book takes us back over the past year through secrets and resentments. I think I just struggled as the bride (and all of the characters, for that matter) were extremely hard to like, the weight and body stuff was wayyyy too much, and the plot was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. There was nothing redeeming. I did like the ending but that was maybe two paragraphs. I like dark commentary but this ain’t it. Skip this.

Author: Avery Carpenter Forrey