Snap Out of It

I am usually a big Maddie Dawson (her books are so heartwarming) but this one was not my favorite. The main character is Billie, a sixty year old woman whose husband Victor left her when she was 25 (with a newborn daughter). Since then she married twice (divorced one more time, widowed another). She no longer believes in love. She is kooky and dresses up as a “heartbreak bunny” to help people get over their exes. (I found her to be kooky to the point of no longer believing in love). Meanwhile, her daughter is an influencer, whose marriage is falling apart. The thing about the daughter and the career was that it felt like the author didn’t really have a good understanding of influencing so the book wasn’t believable to me. There are holes in her career that I couldn’t get past, which left me irritated. I didn’t expect her to get into the behind the scenes of influencing but it felt one dimensional. The daughter’s husband takes photos of her in ball gowns. When the husband leaves, she immediately hemorrhages followers (despite a very real announcement). That just would never happen. IDK. That plus Billie being a bit annoying and getting in her own way, I felt more and more annoyed as the book went on. I almost DNF’d (but I love Maddie Dawson!). Anyway, Louise (daughter)’s marriage is falling apart, and Billie finds herself in a romantic pickle: a handsome widower and then her ex husband returning and trying to be present in Billie and Louise’s life. Of course Billie is super annoying about all of it as she doesn’t believe in love. This was cute and heartwarming in the end but Billie’s character annoyed me so much! That plus the influencer stuff meant the book just fell a bit flat for me.

Author: Maddie Dawson