Sleeping With Strangers

I will be brutally honest with you, I did not love this book. I’m not sure I’d say I even liked it? I should have DNF’d it but didn’t. C’est la vie. It was recommended to me as I was looking to read more thrillers by Black authors. (I’m still on that mission, and will be reviewing a bunch more in the months to come but would LOVE any recs if you have them.) But this one was more of an action thriller than a psychological thriller? The writing was pretty cheesy and there’s also a lot of violence. And there’s a scene where the main character is raped by his mother and that made me feel physically ill. It’s very dark and I just didn’t really identify with or enjoy any of the characters. It’s also from 2007 so a lot of the cultural references don’t really hold up. I will tell you that it’s a wild ride, and that there are few really steamy sex scenes. I stuck with it but there was a giant cliffhanger ending and I will not be reading the sequel so I guess I’ll never find out what happens. Gideon is an assassin for hire. After a really intense job (killing the rapper, Big Bad Wolf), he finds himself on the other side of a job – being hunted. In between there are a few mysterious women, a complicated relationship with his boss, and an old personal score to settle. This book was not for me. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad book, just not for me!