She Started It

This is best described as “delightfully catty” and I absolutely tore through it. I loved it! I have never met four more unlikeable narrators. Seriously, these women were terrible and you really just root for their downfall. Four “friends,” Tanya, Annabel, Esther, and Chloe receive a mysterious invitation to their old classmate Poppy Greer’s bachelorette party. The four of them weren’t exactly pals with Greer: they bullied her in high school. But when they receive an all expenses paid invitation (first class plane ticket included!) to a private island, they can’t help but say yes. These women are awful. They all have their own little secrets but they are total mean girls. When they arrive on the island, Poppy has changed so much: poised, confident, stunningly beautiful. I won’t say much more but it’s deeply twisty and extremely satisfying. (As someone who was picked on and teased quite a bit in middle and high school I will say that I really, really rooted for Poppy). I couldn’t put it down and loved it so much. This is a fun read, perfect for a mindless Saturday at home or a beach vacation.