Setting the Table

This is an older one but I saw it recommended somewhere and immediately downloaded it. I LOVED it. It is equal parts business book and memoir. When I lived in New York I loved eating at Danny Meyer’s restaurants (and I still do!). Shake Shack, Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Cafe… the man is a genius! He is someone who definitely started on third base, coming from a very privileged background, etc. but the way he used that privilege and has run his restaurants is genius. I wish more restaurants (and businesses) focused on hospitality the way that he and his teams do. Even though it is a little bit older, if you have a business or work in the service industry (I 100% include influencing as the service industry!), it is an absolute must-read. So much incredible advice on how to treat people and build a loyal clientele. And it’s fun. He is honest and isn’t afraid to share stories where he messed up. I really loved this – it’s a fun audiobook listen too as it’s not super long.