Run, Rose, Run

My mom recommended that I read this and I absolutely loved it! The book first came onto my radar from this episode of Adam Grant’s podcast (highly recommend and it’s only 25 minutes long!). AnnieLee is a gifted singer, with a past. The book opens with her hitchhiking from Texas to Nashville, set on pursuing a career in country music. From the very beginning of the book, we can tell she has talent. And she will do everything she can to pursue it. Sleeping in parks, hiding in bushes. When she plays at a local dive bar, the crowd is blown away. From there, she meets Ethan (a fellow musician) and through him, RuthAnna (Nashville’s retired queen of country music, who feels a lot like Dolly Parton herself). RuthAnna wants to help AnnieLee, but AnnieLee is reluctant. She has trust issues, and with every bit of success she has, her past threatens to come barreling in and ruin her. I LOVED this (and I am not a big country music person!) and thought it was so fun… I read it in just a couple days. It’s the perfect combination of rags to riches fairytale meets high stakes thriller. Highly recommend!

Author: Dolly Parton & James Patterson