Romney: A Reckoning

This was maybe a surprising choice of books but I have watched Romney go from presidential candidate (and being terrified that he would win) to someone I really respect (and also: Republican party pariah). It was a long time to spend learning about a politician (12.5 hours to be exact – maybe a little too long!), the COVID and Trump parts were triggering and something I kind of hated reliving. It also felt a little bit weird and traitorous listening to the parts about his run against Obama! Still, I really liked it. I feel like I understand him more as a person. I certainly don’t agree with all of his policies and a lot of his actions (though this is a biography not a memoir so it is critical at times) but I think he has a lot of integrity. It is funny/strange to look back on things. I was raised a die hard Massachusetts liberal, and while my beliefs haven’t changed I think he is a good person and would have made a good president (all things considered). It’s weird how Trump’s presidency has altered my perspective.