This book was such a treat. I read it while I was really sick and it was such a wonderful distraction. I think it might actually be my favorite of the whole trilogy? If somehow you haven’t heard of American Royals, you may want to just go ahead and order all three books. They are the best. The premise is this: Imagine that George Washington had become king, instead of president. Now layer on tons of Gossip Girl level drama with rich, royal!, (mostly) unsupervised teens, and you have one of my absolute favorite little series. This go around, the main plot is between Nina and Daphne, former enemies who unite over a new mutual enemy. I loved this part, and I really love getting to see a more sympathetic side to Daphne. We all love a redemption story, right? Anyway, I could not put this book down and it has a giant cliffhanger ending. The good news is, Katharine has confirmed a fourth book. I cannot wait for it, I cannot get enough of this series.

Author: Katharine McGee