Okay this came HIGHLY recommended to me by so many of you, including Hitha, whose recs I trust. If the author sounds familiar, it’s because she also wrote Pretty Little Liars. I really really liked the book. It’s a twisty soap opera. So many characters and so many fun twists. But if I am being honest, I was a bit let down by the ending. (It just felt implausible, IDK). I don’t want you to be deterred by that, but I personally found it to be a little too outlandish. I still really liked it though? The book is told from the perspective of five different women. There’s the main character Kit, mother of two who works in fundraising for a prestigious university, and her competitive coworker, Lynn. Then there’s Raina who you just know is trouble… Kit’s sister Willa, and Laura, a nurse at the local hospital who married a cop. The university’s email database is hacked and everyone’s secrets are revealed. Just as it feels like things cannot get worse for Kit (it turns out her handsome doctor husband was also quiiiite the philanderer and his emails are leaked all over the internet), her husband is murdered and she finds herself at the heart of the investigation. This is fast paced and fun, I read it in 24 hours!

Author: Sara Shepard