Reminders of Him

This book is going to make you cry. A lot. You’ve been warned. Wow. You never know what you are going to get with a Colleen Hoover book and in this case, it’s a tearjerker. A redemption story. An impossible scenario with no real villain (but still, a horrible tragedy).Kenna Rowan is a woman who has hit rock bottom. Five years ago, a tragic mistake (her mistake) left her boyfriend dead, and sent her to prison for five years. Now she’s out of prison and has returned to the town where everything went wrong. All that she wants is to meet her four year old daughter (she gave birth in prison and the daughter is now being raised by her boyfriend’s parents), but those closest to him don’t want that to happen. Through a chance encounter, she winds up connecting with his best friend, Ledger Ward. The two have immediate chemistry, but once they realize who the other one is, they avoid each other. Still, they find themselves being drawn to each other even though they know they can never really be together and that Kenna can never be with her daughter. This one really drew me in and made me cry more than once – highly recommend! Order on or Amazon!