Red, White, and Royal Blue

This book was so fun. As I read it on Cape Cod I saw reprimands come in via DM. People were horrified that I hadn’t read it yet. It’s just not my usual genre. Though we read a lot of romance and royal books for the podcast they aren’t my usual thing (though I will read anything by Katharine McGee or the Fug Girls which I think is why people think I like royals stuff). Caveats aside, I really loved this book. In a fictional world, Ellen Claremont is president of the United States. Her son Alex Claremont-Diaz gets into a bit of a skirmish with Henry, Prince of England. Their feud threatens to derail Ellen’s reelection (and cause a rift between the US + Britain), so Henry and Alex are forced to spend time together. When the totally unexpected happens (I mean, expected for the reader, haha) and they fall in love, a wild ride ensues. I couldn’t put this down, I really enjoyed it. I think the reason I loved it so much was that in addition to the romance there was also an election race and I loved the dynamic between the two sets of siblings. The plot was great and it kept me on my toes, reading as quickly as I could as I needed to know what would happen next (there was a great twist with a political scandal toward the end that I LOVED). Order on or Amazon.